Zionist regime emblem of violation of human rights: Deputy FM

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Ali Bagheri Kani has underscored that the Zionist regime is the symbol of violation of human rights at global level.


According to Ashura News, quoted by IRNA news agency, The deputy foreign minister made the remarks in the first Conference on Referendum in Palestine at Imam Sadeq University on Wednesday, saying that the cause of Palestine is an issue in which values of the Islamic Revolution, including justice-seeking, freedom-loving and counter-hegemony fighting, are remarkably reflected.

As to the so-called Abraham Accords, Bagheri Kani warned that Palestinians’ rights have been traded with politics, economy, and temporary security profits of certain governments, while the maximum usage of the project is to give artificial respiration to the occupying regime.

Among all important issues related to Palestine, the topic of humans’ life and human rights is of the most importance, he noted.

For seven decades, the Zionist regime has had the biggest compilation of human rights violation, the official said, noting that the issue of Palestine is not limited to the dispute over a part of land because the regime is the systemic violation of human rights in recent history and at international level.

Only a peace based of justice can be sustainable in Palestine, he said, stipulating that fairness has nothing to do with occupation and incursion by Zionists.

The Westerners’ support for the occupying Zionist regime has challenged their claims on backing human rights and democracy, he added.

He went on to say that any initiative, which does not end occupation and incursion of Zionists in Palestine, is not a solution, and that the hard solution is resistance and the soft solution would be a referendum; thus, each of the solutions, which help end occupation sooner and pave the way for return of Palestinians to their homeland, can bring about sustainable peace in the region and the world.

Resistance and referendum are two sides of one coin, Bagheri Kani said, adding that all those who claim that they are backing human rights should support resistance.

The Zionist regime and its Western allies hatch plots for “eradication of Palestine,” without knowing that resistance has its roots in hearts of regional nations, he underlined.

The regime is still facing lack of legitimacy after 70 years of occupation; therefor, along-term program for the Israeli regime is nothing but a mirage.

The Zionists are of the opinion that they can find legitimacy by the use of force and crime while the continuation of incursion and occupation has been threatening the existence of the regime internally.




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