Iran Launches Satellite Remote Sensing Center

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran started using the images and data sent from domestically-made satellites, including Khayyam after inaugurating the first satellite sensing center.


The first remote sensing center for satellites was put into operation in a ceremony which was attended by Head of Iran's Space Agency (ISA) Hassan Salarieh and the ICT Minister Isa Zarepour.

The building which is entitled Khayyam Remote Sensing Sattlite Center is able to carry out missions from satellite control to the processing of images received from the Khayyam satellite.

The building becomes the main center to communicate with the Khayyam satellite, which is connected twice within 24 hours, one in the morning and another during the night.

The center facilitates operations related to analyzing Khayyam satellite images and handing the data collected to knowledge-based companies and government institutions.



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