Iran Navy prioritizes economic security in the seas

Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani has said that provision of Iran’s economic security in the seas is the most important mission of the naval forces.


Iran is the sole regional country which carries out such a big mission independently in the sanction conditions, the commander said according to the Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency report on Saturday.


Naval forces will continue the mission in the future, he stressed.


The commander noted that the Navy is proud of its flotilla comprising home-made destroyer “Sahand" and Makran warship (floating forward staging base) which will return home within the next few days after passing 45,000 km across Indian Ocean, North Atlantic, South Atlantic, and other important waters.


The Iranian flotilla will dock in Iran after 120 days on the sea, he added.


As the commander said, over 90 percent of Iran’s trade is done through the sea.


He went on to say that Iran’s presence in the seas would be permanent.


No threat could prevent Iran from undertaking its missions, he concluded.

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