Iran, China discuss Vienna talks

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani in a phone talk with his Chinese counterpart Ma Zhaoxu exchanged views on Vienna nuclear talks with the G4+1, including China.


According to Ashura News, quoted by the IRNA news agency, During the phone talks, Bagheri Kani, also Iran's top negotiator in the Vienna talks, while referring to broad range of bilateral ties and comprehensive cooperation between the two countries recalled the shared stances of the two countries on many international issues, such as the priority of termination of the illegal US sanctions, and the need for guarantees in case the US once again breaches its commitments.

He appreciated China’s confirmation for Iran’s righteous stances and elaborated on some articles of the Iranian delegation’s proposals, which he said are all based on the JCPOA articles and are quite logical and constructive.

The Chinese deputy foreign minister, for his part, in the phone talk emphasized the need for continued bilateral consultations and expressed hope that harmonizing the two countries’ stands will contribute to faster progress of the upcoming nuclear negotiations.



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