Commander: Iran Navy becomes region's determining force

Commander of Islamic Republic of Iran Navy said here on Tuesday that the country's navy has turned into a determining force in the region.


According to Ashura News, quoted by IRNA news agency, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani who was speaking at the National Navy Music Festival in Mashad further added that now the enemies pursue the objective of pushing us out of the scene, but they will not live long enough to see their dreams come true.

“One of the activities of the Ideo-Political Affairs Office of the Navy is sponsoring artistic events and since songs have many enthusiasts, such festivals are the scene for dynamic competitions which are also very exciting,” he added.

The Iranian Navy commander said that arts have their own particular complications, which can turn them into guiding arts for the people, and that is why they can be very exalted, as the late Imam (Khomeini) said that the arts are in line with Islamic Jihad.

“If the arts are used properly they can help us achieve our positive objectives,” he added.

Rear Admiral Irani said that the Navy personnel are rarely free to spend time with their families, and in such festivals they can make up for that deficiency along with their entire family members.

This is the 5th Navy Music Festival and 230 singers in 21 groups and 10 different music genres competed.



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