Atmosphere in nuclear talks "very serious": Iran top negotiator

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister and top nuclear negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani has said that the atmosphere within the Vienna talks is very serious.


According to Ashura News, quoted by the IRNA news agency, Bagheri Kani made the remarks in an interview with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) News Agency to elaborate on the talks resumed in the Austrian capital as of November 29, according to IRNA Sunday report.

As the top nuclear negotiator announced, he is optimistic about reaching agreement; however, the country will surely not be simple-minded as "our people" have bad experience from the other side['s disloyalty].  

The atmosphere within the talks is based on mutual respect and very serious, Bagheri Kani added.

He went on to say that each side should defend its stance and give its reasons.

As he stressed, no approach has been seen as interruption to the talks.

The deputy foreign minister said that full and comprehensive agreement has not been reached on many parts.

For instance, the two have reached agreement on the part of nuclear activities; meanwhile, some related issues had remained from the sixth round of talks about which the two have to continue negotiations, he noted.

At the end of the sixth round of talks in Vienna, removal of the sanctions, nuclear activities, and some other issues remained unsolved, and if any question remains unsolved during the fresh talks, it will be added to the previous ones, he underlined.

Asked about the possibility of reaching agreement, the negotiator said the talks should proceed and the two sides should direct the talks to a result and agreement.

About the meetings between the two sides, the nuclear negotiator said the two will negotiate continuously based on the documents exchanged between them.

Reportedly, Iran and 4+1 resumed talks on November 29 in Vienna to work on the text and make effort to settle disagreements.




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