Pres. Raisi: Iranian expats welcome to freely travel to, from Iran

President Ebrahim Raisi here on Wednesday emphasized that no Iranian citizen’s entry into the country, or their exit from Iran after that is prohibited and the planning and decision-making in that respect should be in such a way that the entire Iranians traffic to and from the country should be trouble-free.


According to Ashura News, quoted by the IRNA news agency, The president who was speaking at the newly established Iranian Expatriates Supreme Council emphasized that the concerned officials’ entire efforts are aimed at problem resolving for the Iranian expatriates, as using their capabilities in their own country is needed, and the first step is evolutionizing the structure and decision making structure of the Iranian Expatiates Supreme Council and the secretariat of this council.
President Raisi said that the Iranian expatriates have both great potentials and can create great opportunities, which is why the apparatus at their service should be revised thoroughly, including the planners, and decision makers for them, so that they will feel that the Islamic Republic officials are seriously concerned about solving their problems and addressing their concerns.
The president said that being seriously concerned about the problems and worries of the Iranian expatriates is of great significance.
Raisi said that and exact census and status of the Iranian expatriates is required for decision making, adding that that is one of the important tasks of the Iranian Expatriates Supreme Council and its secretariat.
According to Iran Civil Laws, both blood and soil are the roots of Iranian citizenship, and therefore, the 2nd and 3rd generations of the Iranian expatriates, too, are considered Iranian citizens, although they might have other countries’ citizenship, said the president.
He said that the conditions for transferring money by the Iranian expatriates into Iran and their opening of bank accounts are among the other issues that need to be resolved and they should be immediately informed about the decisions made in this respect. 
Devising a comprehensive law for the Iranian expatriates in which all the do’s and don’ts for them will be precisely mentioned is necessary and the Iranian Parliament should rarify that law as soon as possible, said the president.
President Raisi said that the ill-wishers of the Iranian nation are spending tremendous efforts aimed at intimidating the Iranian expatriates so that they will not come back to their homeland.
“But the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) and the country’s cultural apparatus should launch a campaign to make the entire Iranians realize that they can smoothly travel to Iran,” reiterated the president.
Raisi also stressed the need to facilitate making investments of the Iranian expatriates in Iran.
Such investments are in need of support, guaranteed benefits, and security and the investors should in practice feel that their activities are supported, he said.
The president also asked the Iranian ambassadors and cultural attachés not to wait for the Iranians to refer to them, but to attend the Iranians gatherings and pursue their demands and resolve their problems.



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