President Rayeesi: Enemies Provoked Riots Due to Frustration at Iran's Advances

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Seyed Ebrahim Rayeesi blasted enemies for provoking riots in the country after they were frustrated with the nation's advances that came despite sanctions.


President Rayeesi made the remarks in reaction to the recent foreign-backed riots in Iran, and said, "The people's insight will put an end to the disturbances instigated by the enemies." 

He urged the security apparati of the country to quell the disturbances with the help of the nation's prudence and insight in order to create a proportionate environment for businesses to flourish.

"The enemy seeks to target the people's minds with psychological warfare and create fear and frustration in the society," the Iranian president pointed out.

He also urged the media to give a clear picture of the incidents to tackle the psychological warfare waged by the enemy.

In relevant remarks on Tuesday, President Rayeesi said that the enemy is angry due to Tehran's achievements despite sanctions and threats, and added that the strong presence of the people on the scene over the recent unrest in the country has thwarted their plots against Iran.

Rayeesi made the remarks in an address to a parliamentary session on mulling the qualification of Mohammad Hadi Zahedi Vafa as the president’s nominee for the post of labor minister.

The president stated that the reason behind the enemy’s anger at the Iranian nation is "the achievements gained by the country despite the obstacles", and noted that his country has managed to take the path of progress amid all the threats and sanctions.

“We are indifferent to all the sanctions and obstacles that the enemy has created and we are making efforts to remove and neutralize the sanctions in a fair and dignified manner,” he said.

Rayeesi added that the enemy knows well that its so-called maximum pressure policy against Iran has failed miserably, stressing, “The enemy officially admits that the sanctions have failed to impact the Iranian nation…The enemy is angry at [Iran’s] progress.”

Iran's president talked about the recent events across the country, and hailed the vigilance of the Iranian people in the face of the enemy’s plots during recent foreign-backed unrest across the country, which erupted following the death of a young Iranian woman in a hospital days after collapsing at a police station in the capital Tehran.

"Millions of people were present in the streets to defend the values and foil the enemy’s plot," the Iranian president added.

He further referred to the speech delivered by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei at the graduation ceremony of the cadets on Monday, and termed the Supreme Leader’s analysis of the recent events as "comprehensive".

"The Supreme Leader explained that the country’s success is the reason why the US and the Zionist regime of Israel hatch the plot against the nation," Rayeesi stressed.


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