Headlines in Iranian English-language dailies on Nov 4

The following headlines appeared in English-language newspapers in the Iranian capital on Thursday, November 4, 2021:



According to Ashura News, quoted by IRNA news agency

Intelligence minister: US leaving region in disgrace

The US is ignominiously leaving the regional countries under its occupation one by one following admitting consecutive humiliating defeats and despite its deafening fake media campaign, said the Iranian intelligence minister.
The world’s fear from the US has constantly subsided, added Seyyed Esmaeil Khatib in a message to mark the anniversary (November 4) of the seizure of the former US Embassy in Iran in 1979, IRNA reported.  
Commenting on the occasion, he noted that the day, known domestically as 13th of Aban (the eighth month of the Iranian calendar), is the national day of fighting the global arrogance and a golden page in the glorious history of the revolutionary people of the Islamic Iran.


-- First Iranian-made electric car hits streets in Tehran


Residents in Tehran spotted an unusual sight as the first Iranian-made electric car drove through the congested streets of the megacity of some 12 million.  
A picture of the eco-friendly sleek vehicle, named Yuz after the critically endangered Asiatic cheetah surviving today only in Iran, on the streets of Tehran became one of the hottest posts on social networks and attracted a lot of attention from virtual users, Press TV wrote.
Reports said its manufacturers, a startup named Parax Motors, have just obtained a license plate and other certificates for driving in public.


-- Annual Saffron Festival to be held in Kerman Province

Sarbanan district in Kerman Province will host the annual Saffron Festival on November 12, announced an official from Kerman Province’s Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Department.
Mohammad Eslami said this festival will be held simultaneously in three villages of Issaabad, Khatam, and Kahnuj of Sarbanan district, adding that the best saffron cultivation in the southeastern province is done in the farms of these three villages.



-- Vienna Talks to Fail Without U.S. Guarantees

Negotiations to revive Iran’s 2015 nuclear agreement will fail unless U.S. President Joe Biden can guarantee that Washington will not again abandon the pact, the head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council said on Wednesday.
“The U.S. President, lacking authority, is not ready to give guarantees. If the current status quo continues, the result of negotiations is clear,” Ali Shamkhani said in a tweet.
Iran is expected to give an exact date this week for the resumption of talks, scheduled for end of November according to Iranian top nuclear negotiator Ali Bagheri-Kani.


-- The Event that Ensured Iran’s Independence & Progress

November 4 or the 13th of the Iranian month of Aban is a Red Letter Day in the history of the Iranian people. It is the anniversary of three important events in the contemporary history of Iran on which plots against Iran and the Iranian people badly boomeranged on the US.
Whenever the harebrained policy-makers in Washington have tried to bare their fangs on this day they received a teeth-smashing blow.
In 1964, on November 4, on the orders of the US, the British-installed Pahlavi regime exiled the Father of the Islamic Revolution to Turkey on the delusion of turning Iran into a permanent American satellite, little knowing that 15 years later Imam Khomeini (RA) who in the meantime had shifted to holy Najaf in Iraq, would return in triumph to Tehran to end once and for all Uncle Sam’s hegemony.
Interestingly, on this day in 1978, three months before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, students at Tehran University Campus calling for return home from exile of their beloved leader, were brutally attacked by the Shah’s forces on the orders of the US, resulting in the martyrdom of several of them.


-- Norway, Iran to Cooperate in Fishery, Agriculture Fields

 Iranian Agriculture Jihad, Minister Seyyed Javad Sadati Nejad in a meeting with the Norwegian Ambassador to Iran has stressed the development of agricultural cooperation between Iran and Norway, especially in the field of technology transfer and investment.
“The history of cooperation between Iran and Norway is long-standing more than 90 years, which shows the depth of relations between the two countries,” the minister said.
Sadati Nejad added, “Most of the relations between Iran and Norway are in the field of fishery products and the ground for more cooperation between the two countries in the field of fisheries, forestry and rangeland is available.”


*** TehranTimes

-- Iran says ready to work with UN on Yemen

 Two Iranian officials have expressed Tehran’s readiness to work with the United Nations on Yemen in order to put an end to the war in the Arab country.

Head of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Vahid Jalalzadeh and Ali Asghar Khaji, a senior advisor to Iran’s foreign minister in special political affairs, have met with the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, in Tehran. 


-- ICCIMA holds Iran-Algeria trade webinar

 Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) has held an Iran-Algeria trade webinar in collaboration with the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) to explore ways of expanding economic ties between the two countries.

The online event was chaired by the ICCIMA Head Gholam-Hossein Shafeie and the Head of ACCI Shabab Tayib, the ICCIMA portal reported on Wednesday.


-- Special exhibit featuring Iranian, German studies on ancient mining opens in Tehran

 On Wednesday, a special exhibition featuring Iranian and German studies on ancient mining and relevant objects was officially inaugurated at the National Museum of Iran.

"Highlights of Ancient Mining from Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum", and "Death by Salt" will be running from November 3 to January 14, 2022, at the major museum, which is located in downtown Tehran.




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