Raisi: US sanctions have no effect on independent, freedom-seeking nations

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi here on Wednesday in a phone call with his Nicaraguan counterpart, said that US sanctions and threats have no effect on the will of independent and freedom-seeking nations of the world.


According to Ashura News, quoted by the IRNA news agency, President Ebrahim Raisi in a phone call with his Nicaraguan counterpart congratulated Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega on his re-election, stressing the importance of strengthening and deepening bilateral ties between the two countries.
Iran and Nicaragua have extensive potentials in the political, economic, and social sectors, and the political and economic officials of the two countries can activate these potentials for the benefit of the development and welfare of the two nations.
Emphasizing that US sanctions and threats do not affect the will of independent nations of the world, the Iranian President added the domination system can not impose its will on the Islamic Republic of Iran and Nicaragua, because the two countries rely on the support of the people and they have resisted the extravagance of the hegemons.
President Raisi added that despite the obstacles and problems, the Iranian nation has not stopped and will not stop its progress, and we are confident that Nicaragua will overcome the US threat and sanctions because today the US is declining and getting weaker.
The President of Nicaragua, José Daniel Ortega Saavedra, for his part, called for strengthening bilateral ties, adding that we are confident that the two countries, together with other countries in the world that fight against imperialism, will move forward and we will succeed.
The President of Nicaragua said that his country stands by the Islamic Republic of Iran in all international arenas and support the sovereignty of the Iranian people, and the fundamental right of the Iranians in Vienna talks.



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